The Best Tips to Get Shredded Abs


A1Supplements Kaged Muscle Ripped AbsWinter is almost over, and the warmer weather will be here in no time. Every year countless people aim to get shredded abs for the beach, and many fail miserably. Lack of knowledge and an inability to stay consistent are the two most significant factors which prevent people from achieving ripped abs. This foolproof guide will help you get that shredded six pack of abs in time for the warm weather.

Portion Control

No “get shredded” guide is complete without first addressing portion control. Thermodynamics cannot be circumnavigated, they must be complied with otherwise the subcutaneous layer of fat covering your abs will never diminish. Creating an energy deficit starts with portion control. This can be done through extensive macronutrient counting which requires every single meal to be accurately weighed out. Although this is the most effective form of portion control it is also the most time consuming. Alternatively, you can use generic measures to monitor calorie intake including cups and spoons. This isn’t perfect but it provides a basic way to analyze portion size. Either way, to get shredded abs you will need to maintain an energy deficit of at least 10% below maintenance levels and incrementally get closer to 20% as the transformation progresses. This accounts for a reduction in metabolic speed and net loss in weight, both of which will happen as you move into a sustainable energy deficit. Small and regular meals are the best way to consume your food throughout the day, eating every three hours.A1Supplements Kaged Muscle Shredded AbsTraining Intensity

Shredded abs are made in the kitchen but this statement shouldn’t undermine the importance of raw training intensity. Extreme workout intensity facilitates greater calorie usage which creates a bigger energy deficit. Muscle preservation is improved with intense resistance training which not only improves aesthetics, it also maintains a faster metabolic rate. Getting shredded abs quicker can be achieved by learning to control hormones more efficiently. Tenacious training intensity provides this benefit by heightening insulin sensitivity, growth hormone secretion and testosterone production, all of which are fundamentally important to getting ripped!

Consistent Cardio

Doing low impact regular cardiovascular exercise every day helps achieve the energy deficit required to lose fat and get shredded abs. Training intensity coming from the weights room and the body in a more vulnerable position being on a calorie restricted diet, my recommendation is to stick with low impact cardio rather than intervals. High intensity interval training can spike cortisol too much which makes fat loss more difficult and it can also undermine recovery. When energy is limited you have to be smart about the decisions you make. Doing forty-five minutes to one hour each day, power walking, on the cross-trainer, elliptical or cycling would be preferable.

Ab Carving Exercises

As the subcutaneous layer of fat hiding your abs disappears it is important to spend time carving up the abdominal muscles. Weight training works the core but specific exercises are needed for shaping your six pack. My favorite abdominal exercises are hanging knee raises, lying leg raises, weighted kneeling cable crunches, planks and weighted decline bench sit ups. The rep ranges can vary as with any other muscle. Doing some heavy sets are perfect for building thickness whilst higher reps also provide improved shape to the abs. The exercises I have selected are also perfect for building a stronger core from a functional perspective. Remember that my preference is to have a body that looks the part and can back it up with performance. This is an important consideration when selecting exercises.A1 Supplements Kaged Muscle Shredded AbsSupplementing For Fat Loss

Successfully supplementing for fat loss requires an emphasis on helping the body use fat rather than kill adrenal gland health and spike cortisol uncontrollably. Unfortunately, many fat burners cause these issues by loading the body with too many generic stimulants. The type of effect I prefer from a fat burner is to reduce fat storage, encourage fat metabolism, curb cravings, control blood sugar levels and increase thermogenesis. From a practical standpoint, controlling appetite and crushing cravings is essential because this supports adherence on a calorie restricted diet.

Rather than the commonly used cheap synthetic stimulants which are used to try and boost thermogenesis, I prefer ingredients supported by science. These include patented ChromeMate which helps helps promote weight lose while preserving hard-earned muscle. Gymnema Sylvestre is scientifically supported blood sugar management agent I rate highly. Capsaicinoids which are the active ingredient found in patented Capsimax have demonstrated their ability to encourage the metabolism, boost energy expenditure and help control appetite. The catechins found in green tea have been reported to support fat loss through a unique pathway, increasing fat breakdown and preserving metabolic health. PurCaf Organic Caffeine is also an effective thermogenic aid which doesn’t have the typical unpleasant side effects associated with most cheap synthetic stimulants.

My favorite fat loss ingredient of them all is Carnipure, a pure form of L-Carnitine which was developed in Switzerland and has been backed by numerous studies. This amino acid increases the transportation of stored fatty acids to the mitochondria so it can be expelled as energy. By utilizing stored fat, energy levels increase whilst your body fat decreases.

In Summary

Getting shredded abs is a multi-faceted endeavor which requires a lot of knowledge. Not only is the right education paramount, but it’s also the consistent implementation of this information. There are no shortcuts to shredded abs, but you can shorten the time it takes to get there by taking heed of my advice. Losing fat slowly and consistently is best for metabolic health and sustainability, therefore, I’d recommend you begin now in time for the summer.A1Supplements Kaged Muscle Shredded Abs

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